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Medicinal Plant Workshops

Ongoing Medicinal Plant Workshops Every Saturday at 3 pm and Sunday at 11 am. Private workshops available.

Transcultural Medicine Wheel Garden Workshops are designed to restore native plant species as well as personal and place-based traditional ecological knowledge and cultural practices.

What is a Plant Ally?

Nature allies are plants or trees we come across along our life trajectories that call out to work with us. They appear through signs and synchronicities in our waking life as well as in dream state. They make themselves known through repetition. They want to form a relationship with us because they hold some insight or medicine we are calling for on a soul level. Nature allies come into our lives at certain times to guide us, challenge us, and encourage us as we move through life's journey in a good way.

What We'll Do

  • After offering a Land Acknowledgement we’ll begin with a teaching on sacred plant medicine history and types of plants used for specific intentions or ailments.

  • We’ll discuss sustainable harvesting and alternatives to overharvested plants.

  • We’ll explore lineages and proper offerings according to ancestors as well as the land we are harvesting from.

  • We’ll visit the Medicine Wheel garden and explore what medicinal plants are planted there and their unique purposes. 

  • You will have private time to commune with the plants, practice "ayni" (sacred reciprocity) and gather fresh sprigs for your bundle or medicinal remedy.

  • We’ll intentionally work with the plants as we further discuss ways we may benefit from the medicine of the sacred plants for cleansing, purification, protection, medicine and more.

  • We’ll explore ancient ritual and ceremonial uses in various cultures around the world and discuss the importance of ritual embodiment.

  • We’ll conclude our time together with a tea ceremony with delicious seasonal herbs from the garden. 

group photos of nature workshops

90 minutes / $45 per person

Nature-Based Workshops are 90 minutes long. 

Private group workshops available by request. 


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Smoke Bundle Workshop

Hands-on, experiential teachings on plant allies used as smoke medicine through the seasons and ages. 


Folk Remedy Workshop

Hands-on, experiential teachings on folk method herbalism through the seasons and ages. 

What Clients Say

"I had a wonderful experience learning about Appalachia, being with nature, herbs, their properties, drinking tea, and the magic of creating a folk remedy with Yanina. The experience was equal parts informative, spiritual, crafty, and fun. I even got a chance to browse Yanina's art and came home with a super cute necklace. When I am in Asheville again, I will definitely sign up for another Yanina's many experiences she offers!"


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