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“Yanina exceeded my high expectations for the healing ritual. As an American, I was raised on western medicine. As I began to learn about pharmacology for the illnesses I experienced, primarily depression, I was immediately seeking anything that would help me understand the root of my pain. This seeking has led me to healer’s of many different cultures and religions. I have been’seen’ by a Tibetan physician, an ayurvedic doctor in India, I have learned from a Hindi healer and . I was blessed to experience the Muslim medicine culture and traditions. I have also sought out different “treatments”. Acupuncture. Cognitive behavioral therapy. EMDR, Energy healing, sound healing, hypnosis, Ketamine infusions, years trying a multitude of antidepressants. I have attended one of the workshops of Marianne Williamson. A modern spiritual leader, so blessed that I was able to speak to her in person. I have spent 10 days in a silent meditation retreat at one of india’s mecas for teaching Buddhism to young men and women coming in to the faith. I spent 20 minutes with the Dalai Lama in a small (6) private audience at his home in McLeodgang, India. Yanina ranks in the top 2 of those experiences. As we started to learn each other, I felt a strong ‘familiar feeling’ like that of a sister friend. A relative. We were both equally committed to the process. I for peace and healing for my grief and depression. My youngest child died in 2020. And her to deliver her craft to me as authentically as possible and with love and empathy. You will definitely not be disappointed by her knowledge of healing with many approaches seamlessly meshed into an unforgettable experience. Of course I could not leave before I spent time hovering over her collection of dried herbs, her personally made flower tinctures, her very intentional palm stones, incenses, sage, anointing oils, and her sensational and intentional jewelry collection and sculptures designed and executed with beautiful craftsmanship, herself. She is a gem in this area. If you are ever near, spend some time with this special human.”

Jennifer Stone Jan 2024

What an amazing afternoon and awesome reconnection time between my beloved Mother Earth and myself. I felt guided and nurtured and safe…definately 3 things not felt in my life right now. Deepest gratitude to you, our fearless leader, the conduit for Pachamama, for presenting the “trail” to ourselves and our new tribe. We all came together on this auspicious day looking for answers, in need to letting go and reconnecting with our true selves, All of us seemed to be in search of something more…more self love, self awareness, connection, and a reminder of who we are. The Forest Restoration did that and far more than that, it grounded our place on earth and woke us up to what really matters, appreciating the mundane as spectacular and grand and unique to the moment, awakening all our senses, providing direct contact to activate our energy centers, our sacred unification and soul assignments secured. Profoundly moving experience in a space more beautiful than any words can express. And you, the nucleus, the magnet, the source of Light, guiding us to precisely what we all were seeking today….HOME! My heart overflows with gratitude and love for you! 

Debra October 2022

Wow. Don't know where to start...We really were hoping for a great experience. This was magical and transformative. My adult daughter and I both love nature and use the power of nature to restore and renew and heal. Well...Yanina gave so much of herself. We learned so much from her. Yanina has a wonderful spirit. She invites you to share what you are comfortable sharing. Or not. I will take so many of the rituals and experiences with me to other moments in nature. Yanina really opens your mind to a new experience when you encounter nature...wherever you are. I'm already incorporating some of the new ways of being more conscious when I'm outside. Really excited to be more present to what nature has to share. Thank you so much! Both of us enjoyed this even more than we were hoping we would!! Yanina is truly passionate about what she is sharing. She is a caring, intuitive soul. She also has a wealth of knowledge about the area and what is living and breathing here! You'll be glad you did Bioforest Restore. I love to explore when I travel...this brought it to a new level.

Clay May 2022

“Que experiencia tan MARAVILLOSA, FUE MUCHO MÁS DE LO QUE ESPERÁBAMOS!!!. Yanina es un Amor. Ella tuvo la bondad de hacer la experiencia especialmente para acomodar a mi mamá de 95 ańitos. Fue una experiencia única. Yanina tuvo tanto cuidado con mami y la trato como una reina con muchísimo carińo y ternura. También tiene una sabiduría de lo que el bosque, las matas el aqua de los manantiales etc. nos ofrece y beneficia de muy alta calidad. Aprendimos muchísimo de La Madre Tierra. Mami y yo nos fuimos sitiándonos bien satisfechas y ligeras mental y espiritualmente. Yanina no solo fue nuestra guía y maestra ahora la consideramos una amiga también. Regresare muy pronto para otras de sus aventuras y experiencia. Yanina gracias por todo y especialmente por tanto amor que nos demostraste. Te queremos mucho y que Dios te Bendiga. Ruth y Mayra”

Ruth y Mayra, May 2022

Wow. Just wow. This has been a transformative experience. Yanina holds so much wisdom, grace, and strength. Thank you for guiding me. I feel renewed and restored and in awe."

Sierra and Misha, March 2022

“I was the only one on today’s walk, which I was worried would happen as I am a bit shy, but Yanina created a perfect balance of solitude and togetherness. Not to mention that she is kind, easy-going and non-judgmental! Her vast knowledge, and even more than that her passion, was so wonderful to learn from and will shape the way I see the world around me forever."

Jessica, March 2022

"If you're on the fence about trying this, DO IT! An absolutely amazing and beautiful experience that I'll have with me forever! I instantly felt calm around Yanina and the knowledge and openness she shares is truly breath taking! Thank you so much for today! It touched my soul and I'm so glad to have met you."

Cassie, April 2022

“My friends and I had the most healing, transcendent, and spiritual journey. I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants a deeper experience in nature while gaining insight into their inner child and connecting with ancestors."

Kaleigh February 2022

“My husband and I had an amazing Thanksgiving Bioforest Restore visit! The atmosphere was perfect. Yanina did an amazing job facilitating our walking ceremony."

Christine, November 2021

“The value of this time/experience simply cannot be put into words. However, here’s a bit of input … it definitely has positively impacted my life and has given me (or illuminated) a great sense of care and curiosity. I’m a sponge and love new information but the spiritual aspects of this settled me into nature time & it was challenging to absorb the info/details … so I cannot wait to do this again and focus on a bit more of the lovely information that is shared."

April, October 2021

“We drove five hours for a 3-day stay in Asheville. Although we didn't come here to only go on Yanina's walk, I would 100% drive all that distance now for the sole purpose of going on Yanina's walk again. When I started looking for guided hikes for my partner and me to go on, I wanted to find someone that regarded hiking and the outdoors intentionally, that would lead us in a journey *with* nature, not just through nature. Yanina provided us exactly that. This was one of the most liberating, rewarding experiences I've been on, and I can't recommend this enough. Whether you're a newbie like us or you consider yourself experienced, everyone is going to find this walk to be transformative."

Drew, October 2021

“I had a beautiful experience in the woods with Yanina! She spoke so elegantly about the earth, energy and mindfulness. I felt relaxed just being in her being in her presence. I highly recommend this experience!"

Shel, May 2021

“I learned so much from this magical experience! After hiking with Yanina, I will never hike the old way again! In fact, I went hiking on my own immediately afterward in a different forest and also the next day. I practiced on my own what I learned from Yanina, and every time, it was a calming, meditative, learning, eye-opening experience. Do not leave Asheville without doing this!!"

Alyssa, April 2021

“I bought the Forest experience as a birthday present for my husband. We both had the most wonderful ( much more than expected!) with Yanina. She is so knowledgeable about the spiritual connection that is found in nature. She has a very calming and gentle way, and it’s easy to connect with her. Yanina’s natural ability to guide you in the woods is a life changing experience!"

Patti, April 2021

“This was a great experience. It is a gentle walk through the forest guided by someone well-versed in approaching and interacting with the forest. There are wonderful moments of insight and calm, and the experience helps us to remember our spiritual relationships with the forest and its elements: trees, water, stone, etc. I would recommend it for anyone, of all ages."

Matt, November 2020

“Yanina was so sweet, she introduce us to the forest. We really enjoyed this experience. We recommend her without any hesitation!
Yanina es muy dulce, paciente, nos mostró el bosque y la naturaleza desde un punto de vista muy respetuoso y con mucho amor. Yanina tiene una conexión muy importante con la naturaleza y nos enseño como poder conectarnos con ella también.
Merci Yanina pour cette balade meditative si inspirante. Dorénavant je marcherai différemment en lien avec la terre mère en écoutant en regardant en sentant et en la remerciant de ce cadeau. J emporte dans mon sac à dos d émotions ces instants partages avec vous."

Elia & Elisabeth, December 2019

“This experience with Yanina was just magical! I was able to "see" the forest through a different lens. She has a lot of passion on the subject and it shows in the experience. I left feeling a profound connection to the trees, especially. I would recommend this experience to anyone to who needs to decompress from the stress of everyday life. Thanks Yanina!"

Jacqueline, July 2019

“What an amazing experience!! If you approach this experience with an open mind it really is beautiful. We all go through life lacking true mindfulness in the moment- think of this as the polar opposite. I would describe this event as an extended, moving and stationary, guided meditation. Whether or not you believe in the spiritual side of nature, this experience is really special. Nina guides you through a beautiful patch of forest in a way that lets you appreciate it in a way you never have before. I cannot highly recommend this enough!! If you are visiting Asheville this unique event needs to be on your list, its the epitome of absorbing some of the local culture!"

Dan, June 2019

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