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The Terra Bella Sacred Ritual Box Bundle is a curated collection of small batch, hand-bottled, high-vibrational botanical products and handmade goods. Each box is designed for setting, amplifying and actualizing specific powerful intentions. Eight options to choose from. Limited availability. Free Shipping.

The subconscious mind is changed and transformed by imagery and ritual. Through purposeful intention and action you can align yourself and manifest your deepest desires and this sacred ritual box set will be your ally in doing so. Working with these elements is an act of sacred care that elevates our experiences and our potential to manifest higher frequency outcomes and timelines.

The box bundle includes:

  • Sterling and Argentium Silver Sacred Plant Charm with bezeled gemstone on an 18 inch stainless steel chain.

  • Homegrown and/or wild-crafted smoke bundle

  • 1 oz. Flower Essence Remedy

  • 6 oz. Florida Water for cleansing energetic body

  • Wild-crafted Mountain Laurel leaves for cleansing and preparing sacred space

  • Gemstone for altar

Suggested Use:

  • Cleanse your personal energetic field with your Florida Water.

  • Prepare your space for ritual and ceremony by cleansing the room with smoke from your mountain laurel leaves.

  • Set the intention that you’d like to manifest and take the recommended dose of your flower essence remedy. 

  • Hold space for your intention, bring attention to your affirmation, and light your smoke bundle daily.

  • Use the stone provided as an anchor for your intention at your home altar or carry it in your pocket as an omnipresent ally.

  • Wear your sacred plant medicine charm near your heart as an everlasting reminder of the divinely guided transformational journey you are on.

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