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The Journey Continues

            As my life of preoccupation with others’ opinions of my choices comes to a close and I embark on a journey to further my creative self with the assistance of formal education, I can’t help but ponder on how it is that it took me nearly forty years to get here. However, in these past forty years I have accomplished a lot, and had to unlearn a lifetime of a lot more. I’ve raised a child into “adulthood”, singlehandedly. I’ve invested in real estate and have dabbled in entrepreneurship. I’ve lost myself, have fallen into deep, dark holes, and have clawed my way out. I have taken more than my share and have given more than I had.

            In two weeks’ time I will be completing my 1st week of class in Metals, Professional Craft. As the granddaughter of a prized inventor and lathe operator and the daughter of a successful artisan, I’m excited to dig deeper into this ingrained element of my psyche. Yet, as a child of first generation immigrants from Moldavia and an immigrant myself, from Uruguay, I am terrified to leave my safe and sound existence as a full time bookkeeper at a well enough paying organization. And at once, I am petrified of even the ever so faint possibility of not leaving it. As much as I try, and obsess, and resist; ‘playing it safe’ has never been my forte.

            Come along with me on this creative journey; I will attempt to post at least monthly on professional and educational developments as I dive in and dig deep. My vision at present is to create mixed metals sculptural statement pieces incorporating recycled materials, nitinols shape memory metal, flame painting on copper with a focus on kinetic features. We’ll see how that plays out.

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