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I've been challenging myself lately to integrate my naturalist studies with my creative designs in a more dedicated manner. Finding ways to tie in the natural world so that I can make artisanal crafts with the power to truly heal and awaken the inner self has always been part of my mission as an artist.  

What I know for sure is that there are several ways to bring forth the creative power of Pachamama into my work, in order to serve and enlighten. I will discuss some ways below.

When picking stones from the forest, always try to connect with the energy of the stone. Speak to it, thank it for its individual beauty and healing that it brings to its surroundings. Ask for permission to remove it from its habitat. Stop and listen for its message, insights and guidance. 

Before using stones in my crafty creations I always cleanse them in either sunlight, moonlight, saltwater or a fast running river, depending on the stone.

Maintaining the visual resemblance to the habitat from which they were derived while working with the stones and found objects helps to maintain powers and associations of place. I try to let the design originate and manifest from the stone and not the other way around. 

In the crystal points hanging mobile below, you can see that the overall design of the mobile comes to a point at the bottom; just as the crystal points themselves do. I kept the colors of the overall design minimal to expose and showcase the intrinsic beauty and power of the quartz crystals. 

crystal point hanging mobile

The stones in the hanging mobile below were lovingly and gently acquired from Western North Carolina Mountain trails. Specifically, they come from amazingly powerful streams deep within these forests. The stones have been loosely wrapped in jewelry wire while maintaining the rustic feel and resemblance of the place where they derived from. 

Take a peek at for my newest hanging mobile where I used tree cookies to bring the natural energy and wisdom of trees to tell a story of the natural world through my designs.

Hint: there are butterflies, mandalas, feathers, and more packed into one super cool hanging mobile design!

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