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That Pivotal Moment

That moment when you're faced with the realization that the iPhone pics of your artwork, sculptures, or creative ventures ain't cuttin' it. You're frustrated with the lack of detail that comes through to your audience, and the plethora of filter options on said iPhone doesn't seem like the professional or right thing to do to remedy the dilemma. You know that eventually you will have to fork over some serious moola so your audience can actually see the lovely intricate designs you painstakingly created with your bare hands, right?!

Enter amazing, successful artist friend with the hook ups. So I get a text from a good friend letting me now she has a friend in town from New York that's filling in her time here by picking up some photography gigs of working artists. In return for the use of the photos taken for her photography business as well as selling the photos on iStock she will share some of the edited photos with artists willing to do this trade. Perfect! I'm thinking, I'm so proud of myself for manifesting this so quickly! It wasn't even a month ago that I declared to the world on social media how frustrated I was that the colors depicted on my photos were not up to par with what my eyes were beholding.

Melissa from Melissa Goodwin Photography showed up at my house shortly after 5 pm to grace me with her amazing presence in my home art studio. Little did I know the level of professionalism and amount of work and attention to detail she would carry out in the next five hours. Yes, I said FIVE hours! She worked carefully and methodically to catch the perfect shots of my elusive mobiles. You see, mobiles are indeed difficult to photograph; there are many parts, one separated from the next, and always in slight motion. But Melissa killed it! She even went on to get some nice photos of me working on some new designs. My dog, Lily, was thrown into the mix as well. I am feeling so blissful and blessed to know that the universe delivers your desires, if only you should ask.

Props to Linnea of for the hook up <3

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