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Traditional/Folk Medicine Session

Reclaim a sense of ease, rejuvenation, sovereignty, and clarity with Traditional Medicine

  • From 99 US dollars
  • Kirby Road

Service Description

Curanderismo, a traditional ancestral medicine of the Hispanic and Latino cultures and diaspora, is a folk medicine modality used to balance and align your body, mind and spirit. It assists to dissolve unconscious blocks, upgrade consciousness to higher light frequencies, and support your path to your most desirable life trajectory. Traditional medicine session includes: Hands on work with plant medicine shamanic cleanse with earth elements shamanic journeying breathing exercises sound healing HOW IT WORKS: We will begin with a "spirit talk" and together we will determine the best suited combination of earth elements needed for your healing session. This will be a co-creative educational and healing experience between you, me, and Pachamama (Mother Nature). In your session you will be actively working with the sacred plants in the medicine wheel garden. With my guidance you will be dropping into a deeper connection of reverence and gratitude in preparation for harvesting the plants for your limpia (shamanic cleanse). You will then harvest your plants for your healing ceremony. I will then guide you through a series of tools used for removing layers of density as we go deeper and deeper into your energetic core to cleanse and clear density and stagnancy in the body. Traditional medicine (earth based healing arts) can cleanse and uplift your energetic field and bring a sense of ease, rejuvenation, sovereignty, and clarity. It is known to assist with emotional imbalances, loss of identity, addictions, anger, phobias, and fears. Whether you have been diagnosed with a physical disease or are experiencing physical discomfort, are struggling with mental or emotional difficulties, or are looking to bring your mind, body, and spirit into alignment, you can benefit from traditional medicine. MORE ON CURANDERISMO: Curanderismo, from the Spanish word “Cura” or to Heal, is Traditional Medicine or Folk Medicine originally practiced in parts of Europe as well as in Central and South America. Forms of Curanderismo can be found in a number of different countries, as it is considered to have Catholic, Sephardic, African, Aztec, Mayan, and magico-religious influences.

Cancellation Policy

Things happen and, on occasion, an appointment may need to be cancelled or rescheduled. We request at least 24 hour notification so the time reserved for you may be open for others in need of our service. Thank you. Contact with any questions

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