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Our Ganesha herbal tea consists of Red Raspberry, Chickweed, and Nettle and is a nourishing, supportive formula for women’s health- in menopause or in pregnancy. It is also high in minerals such as zinc and iron to support your immune system. 


Energetically these herbs assist to amplify intuition via the third eye chakra as well as many other benefits with its balancing and grounding properties.


A tisane is a caffeine free herbal infusion. These tisanes may be taken internally or externally used as a bath, soak, wash or for spiritual ritual uses.Internally they can be used for your tea sipping pleasure by steeping for approximately 7 minutes. They can be used medicinally if steeped for 20 minutes to 4 hours.


Quantity: 1 ounce loose leaf tea

Ganesha Herbal Tea (Immune Boosting)

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