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You may choose from an 18 inch sterling silver or gold-fill cable chain.


Sterling charms are $35

Gold charms are $47


Please note that this is a Made To Order item and each plant is different and unique, therefore, it will not look exactly like the photo attached.


Flower Power Plant Charm Collection includes:


Rue, with her bright yellow flowers, star-like shape and cosmic upward orientation speak of a connection with the light and her role in linking our consciousness to higher realms. Rue is a highly protective herb that clears and transforms negative emotions into positive feelings and increases our ability to focus intention and creative power to more quickly manifest desires, goals and abundance.


Vervain supports you in recognizing the simplicity and elegance of doing things gently without strain and stress. It reminds us that going with the flow and moving with ease we can accomplish all that is needed and more.


Elderberry powerfully attunes and connects people to their spiritual light within. With this plant close people are able to access, embrace and receive guidance from Source during states of emotional or mental siege, extraordinary stress or harrowing experiences.


Yarrow offers support to embrace your sensitive nature while maintaining strong energetic boundaries. It is a strong ally for those who are particularly affected by their surroundings and who also have an exceptional capacity for teaching, counseling and healing.

Juniper activates our vagus nerve and helps us to find balance between the heart and the mind. Juniper calms the heart and allows the body to relax, giving the mind clarity and aligning our discernment; giving us a clear understanding and positive perception.

Flower Power Plant Charm

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