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Florida Water (Agua de Florida) is known worldwide as a shamanic cleansing spirit water. It’s used by many healers for its unique ability to clear heavy energy and cleanse the human light energy field and surrounding space. It’s used during ritual ceremony for healing processes, opening sacred space, feeding sacred altars, healing baths, cleansing crystals, etc.

My Florida Water is handcrafted and bottled with love using real ingredients. An intentional blend of fresh herbs, citrus, spices, and botanicals are steeped for over a month in 80 proof vodka. The liquid is then charged under the full moon, strained, and additional essential oils are added. You will find the scent to be uplifting and refreshing. A unique blend with notes of mountain mint, juniper, citrus, lavender, cinnamon, rosemary and clove.

Florida Water

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