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Flowering Dogwood

Cornus Florida


Flowering Dogwood is most often used as a symbol of purity and rebirth and the blooms are closely connected with Christianity. Dogwood flowers also represent durability and the ability to withstand various challenges in life. This essence supports to heal deep seated emotional trauma and amplifies emotional intelligence and resiliency. Dogwood flower essence also helps the soul to heal from the harshness of the world.


Flowering dogwood is an important native tree species with a rich history for indigenous peoples of the land I am in. All parts of the tree were used for many medicinal purposes.

It’s also got history in Catholicism- legend has it that dogwood tree wood was used to build the cross on which Jesus was crucified. The petals of the dogwood form the shape of a cross and the flowers in the middle resemble the crown of thorns.


Recommended dosage:

Take 3-5 drops in the mouth or in water, 3- 4 times daily.

Dogwood Flower Essence

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