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This Blue Vervain and Blue Kyanite silver pendant necklace with a botanical illustration of vervain on the back is my latest piece.

Pendant Dimensions:

Length- 1.75 inches

Width- 1 inch

On 18 inch sterling silver cable chain

Blue Kyanite is a powerful communication opener- physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s one of the few stones that doesn’t absorb negative energy and never needs cleansing.

Kyanite is a crystal that invites you to heal. It asks you to go within, to stop sitting in a victim mentality, and to harness the correct control of your own life. It encourages a logical way of thinking, asks you not to be so tightly bound to your intense emotions, and to find your soul path with certainty.

Vervain supports you in recognizing the simplicity and elegance of doing things gently without strain and stress. It reminds us that moving with fluidity and ease we can accomplish all that is necessary.

Blue Vervain Blue Kyanite Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

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