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Invocation of Shadow

Moth medicine represents ...the lower world, the shadow self, moon magick, extra-sensorial perception, spiritual journey and transformation within the darkness.

This piece represents an invocation of shadow. An intentional and intuitive journey into shadow provoked by a multitude of personal and collective burning towers that could no longer be ignored. Truth be told, it isn’t over yet, but I believe I see a spark of light in a distant corner, and like a moth to a flame, I am drawn to the light.

Hiding in the shadows ...being a chameleon, shape shifting, being invisible- these are all parts of shadow that serve a purpose. Carl Jung believed that the shadow is the seat of our creativity.
Yet, when moth calls, it’s a call to awaken and emerge from the shadows. An invitation to awaken from the dominator culture trance.

Dominator culture and erroneous societal norms have conditioned us to suppress and invalidate our deepest feelings and vulnerabilities. Little did we know, that is where our greatest power, growth and freedom lies.

Moth comes to remind us that befriending and surrendering to our shadows powerful gifts awakens compassion and releases judgment, both within and without.

November 2020

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