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Heart-Centered Revolution

We are amidst a heart-centered revolution. Healing of heartlessness is being highlighted. We are remembering who we are and the toxic programming and narrative is being questioned. Dark forces and systemic oppression are being exposed, but not without shocking towers of truth collapsing before our eyes.

My own voice has been compromised since 1982, when as a 5 years old foreign language speaking illegal immigrant I was reprimanded by a teacher for speaking my language, told to be quiet, and removed from the classroom. Sitting in the hallway sobbing, I internalized this as, “speaking is unsafe; my voice does not belong."

For me personally, this pandemic has been a catalyst for intense and transformative Vishuddha, or Qolqe Chunpi (throat chakra) and Anahata or Qori Chunpi, (heart chakra) healing work. Removing the mask, being vulnerable, speaking my truth and being authentic are major themes.

It is not a surprise or a coincidence that humankind as a collective is also being called to explore where we have been controlled and repressed under the guise of “safeness”. Yet, the truth is always in plain sight. Our heart and throat energetic centers (meridians- path through which the life-energy known as "qi" flows) are under attack resulting in bodily manifestations such as immune system deficiencies, lung cancer, heart attacks, pneumonia, bronchitis, throat cancer, and any other disorders of the chest, throat, voice, mouth, teeth, or gums. Global manifestations of this attack are being profoundly seen and felt in the physical world as well.


  • Global deforestation-, particularly in the Amazon, “the Lungs of Mother Nature”, is a key contributor to human-caused climate change and affecting the air that we breathe.

  • “Momma! I’m through, I can’t breathe!” calls George Floyd as he is being murdered by an officer, in plain sight, and takes his last breaths with a knee on his throat for over 8 minutes.

  • A novel virus that mainly causes respiratory illnesses such as shortness of breath and pressure in chest emerges and kills hundreds of thousands of people.

  • A nation is angry and grieving as freedom of speech and protest is challenged by chemical weapons that target the lungs during a global pandemic of a virus that targets the lungs.

  • Two of the worlds’ major health organizations, as well as political parties,  are polarized and divided on guidance and the purported health benefits of using face masks for protection from covid.

  • Cultural polarization spreads like wildfire as mass media reports misinformation on the efficacy of face masks- to some, a symbol of social control over large populations through fear and intimidation, racially driven violence, silencing, sociocultural pressure to conform, dark traumatic pandemic memories, ridiculing and shaming, repression of freedom, a symbol of colonialism and domination, triggered psychological challenges and phobias, deep ancestral trauma.


I hope this piece I have aptly named प्राण, prāṇa; the Sanskrit word for breath, "life force", or "vital principle” serves as a reminder that the time to heal is now. The only way out is in. A reminder to choose every day to be an ally to people of color, underserved communities, the underdog, the oppressed, the disenfranchised- by challenging dominator culture and systemic racism and oppression with heart-centered courage to speak your truth, even if your voice shakes!

June 2020

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