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Forest Experiences

Individual and Group Guided Forest Experiences in Asheville, NC

BioForest Restore is a Guided Forest Medicine Experience designed to connect folks with Nature by offering experiential teachings of cross-cultural, place-based, earth-honoring traditions and rituals. Its mission is to spark curiosity and provide unique outdoor experiences in nature that serve to revive ones spirit and restore ones mystical connection to wild places.

Restore balance in your inner and outer life by reconnecting with Nature!

BioForest Restore group sessions are open to the public and require a 2 person minimum registrants to be carried out.


Reach out to schedule a BioForest Restore Experience.

What Clients Say

“This would be a lovely experience anytime but was particularly meaningful on New Year’s Eve - to revel in the transitory gravity that bridges old and new. Yanina is a comforting presence and a very knowledgeable guide. Consider it a somatic, spiritual, and gentle must do for nature novices and veterans!”
-Krista Davidson

the BioForest Restore Forest Experience

Prepare for a three hour journey through three planes of existence. We will gather sacred plant medicine from each plane and integrate it as part of this co-creative, earth-honoring ceremonial experience with nature.

Activated Earth acknowledges, with respect, that the land where we will gather is ancestral land of the Anikituwagi, more commonly known as the Eastern Band Cherokee (Tsalaguwetiyi). We pay respects to the ancestors, past and present, of this land.


More on the BioForest Restore Forest Experience

Do you want to learn how to activate your innate intuitive powers and receive insights and guidance from Nature?

Are you ready to experience anamnesis (sacred remembrance) and rediscover your ancestral knowledge and gifts?

The BioForest Restore Forest Experience will support you in co-creating and cultivating healing and awakening through relationship tending with nature consciousness.

The spiritual transcendence from an encounter in nature, like other mystical experiences, is healing both to the psyche and the body. Quieting the autonomic nervous system helps to release endorphins and leads to lowered blood pressure, boosted immune system, reduced stress, and reduced depression and anxiety.

The emotional catharsis, even including tears, from experiencing nature as an ally while being supported and guided in a safe and sacred container- is yet another physiological manifestation of our own limbic system that you may experience.

The BioForest Restore Forest Experience is infused with elements such as shamanic guided meditation, breath-work and earth-honoring ritual and ceremony as well as teachings on concepts such as animism, spiritual ecology and transcultural shamanic cosmology. We also dive into tree and plant identification and teachings on their mystical, magical and medicinal properties. We will close out the experience with a Mayan water-element letting go ritual in the sacred waters of the Pisgah National Forest.



Hi, I'm Yanina.  I have had a deep affinity with Pachamama- Gaia since I can remember. I am here to guide you in tapping into your natural power to reach a state of non-ordinary consciousness known as “liminal state." In this supported space you will remember your kinship with forest consciousness effortlessly and harmoniously. Anamnesis (sacred remembrance) is defined by a recalling to mind, or reminiscence. The forest is calling you in and will lovingly guide you in experiencing the awe and beauty of the process of anamnesis within its gentle embrace. 

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