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To uplift and inspire humanity by providing enriching experiential learning and reconnecting opportunities in nature as well as small-batch, high-vibrational products, services, experiences and workshops.



  • To spark curiosity and provide experiences in nature that serve to renew our spirit and our mystical connection to nature.

  • To uphold key concepts of best practices in environmental education and provide outdoor experiential learning for all.

  • To facilitate, support and strengthen relationship development between human and nature intelligence by hosting earth-honoring guided forest experiences.



Activated Earth Healing and Wellness

Our three signature offerings are as follows:


  • BioForest Restore™ is a guided forest experience created to facilitate, support and help strengthen relationship development between human and nature consciousness by offering experiential teachings of traditional earth-honoring practices.

  • Traditional Ancestral Medicine is nature-based energy healing that supports to balance and align your body, mind and spirit, dissolve unconscious blocks, upgrade consciousness to higher light frequencies, and support your path to your most desirable life trajectory.

  • Medicine Wheel Plant Ally Workshops serve to support healing and strengthen relationship development between human and nature consciousness by offering experiential teachings through working with plants and trees within the sacred space of the Medicine Wheel.

Our two signature product lines are as follows:


  • Terra Bella Botanicals is an herbal remedy line created to therapeutically harmonize the body, mind and spirit as well as enhance and amplify the healing work done in person. This collection includes Flower Essences, Spiritual Waters, and Anointing Oils. 

  • Yanina Salerno Designs is a spiritual, ceremonial, and botanical sculpture and jewelry collection designed for healing and protection. Our pieces contain sacred botanical and spiritual symbology designed to enhance and strengthen your spiritual practice.




My creative process usually begins in nature with radical embodied awareness as I allow all my senses to be activated by wild places. My work is spirit-led and I am a "hollow bone" allowing myself to be inspired to intuitively and organically construct the object or offering. With this free-form approach to creating, I am able to remain unfettered from self-limiting perceptions and to expand into limitless possibilities in my creative process. At its core my work is inspired by my innate longing to explore and navigate the ebb and flow of the part of the human condition where our shadows lie while being held in the sacred womb that is our Earth Mother; pondering the soft and delicate tendrils of our psyche through creative expression and representation of suffering, surrendering, ritual and awakening. My current work is centered around meaningful and sacred botanical and spiritual symbology designed to enhance your spiritual practice and elevate your human experience.




Originally from Montevideo, Uruguay, Yanina is a mother/daughter/sister, transdisciplinary artist, curandera, environmental educator and the founder of BioForest Restore™. Yanina is a Certified 200 hour North Carolina Environmental Educator. She is a certified 200 hour Sivananda Yoga and Meditation teacher, is currently a 1000 hour apprentice in Plant Medicine through Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, is a Reiki Practitioner Level 1 and 2 and is a Shamanic Arts apprentice. 

Yanina values sacred reciprocity with nature, the universe, and all living beings and is passionate about sharing that message. She creates Medicine Wheel Gardens to restore native plant species as well as traditional ecological knowledge and practices. Yanina created and manages the Certified Pollinator Transcultural Medicine Wheel Garden at Hominy Creek Greenway in West Asheville, NC. Yanina currently resides in the ancient mountains of Asheville, North Carolina where she guides Forest Experiences, Medicinal Tree ID Walks and Plant Ally workshops among other heart-centered offerings.

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