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Healing Arts, Nature Based Workshops, Forest Experiences and Metaphysical Apothecary
in the Asheville, NC
Tsalaguwetiyi (Eastern Band Cherokee)

Activated Earth is the spiritual healing arts and community learning space designed for inside and outside exploration.


We offer nature-based workshops, healing arts, and guided forest experiences. Our metaphysical apothecary offers small-batch botanicals and handcrafted jewelry and metaphysical tools and products.

Our mission is to activate personal transformation through experiential learning and healing opportunities in harmony and balance with Nature for All. 


We are also perfect for group events, retreats, and for anyone seeking a new or unique experience. Book our workshops for your next retreat. 

Hi, I'm Yanina

I'm a NC Certified Environmental Educator, Curandera (folk medicine healer), Naturalist and Guide, originally from Uruguay. I'm looking forward to connecting with you deeper through a guided forest experience, in sacred circle, or during a nature-based workshop.

Wild Forest




Jen and Eric

You were incredibly healing and just a pure energy. I could feel you holding space for us. Normally I would feel awkward in such a public position, but it was as if you held that negativity outside the circle for us. It was emotional, informative, reflective, and even fun. High praises to Yanina. She’s a true healer. Thank you again, so much.




I can not begin to fully describe my experience with Yanina, but one word comes forefront, and that is "otherworldly." I had been feeling spiritually stagnant for some time due to life circumstances and knew my soul and spirit needed awakening, healing, and TLC...I couldn't have made a better choice than a Mountain Blessing with a very blessed spiritual healer. The effects of the blessing have stayed with me as well as the awe of what transpired in my mind's eye as the ceremony was taking was incredibly beautiful and ethereal.



This session was dedicated to learning about and using plants as medicine. Oh my goodness! What an incredible experience! Yanina is so knowledgeable and creates a safe, welcoming space for others to learn and explore through her gentle guidance. During the workshop we were invited to select plants from the medicine wheel garden planted on-site to create our plant bundles, and while we assembled our bundles, we learned about the healing properties of each of the plants. Yanina shared her ancestral and sacred traditions and teachings in ways that were accessible and uplifting. Attending her workshop was deeply connective and fulfilling for me personally.

Wild Forest

It's through experiential learning that our consciousness truly expands.



Experiential Nature-Based Medicinal Plant Workshops 


Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Healing through earth-based traditional folk medicine


BioForest Restore- Guided Forest Medicine Walking Ceremonies

Upcoming Events

Autumn Road
In the Woods


The Gift of an Experience!

Meet Yanina


Yanina is a first generation immigrant from Montevideo, Uruguay. She is a traditional medicine practitioner,  environmental educator, ceremonial artisan and the founder of Activated Earth.


Yanina values sacred reciprocity with nature, the universe, and all living beings. She creates Transcultural Medicine Wheel Pollinator Gardens to restore native plant species as well as balance and harmony between humanity and Nature. Yanina currently resides in the ancient mountains of Asheville, North Carolina- ancestral land of the AniKituwagi (People of the original nucleus land) Eastern Band Cherokee.

What Clients Say...

“Yanina exceeded my high expectations for the healing ritual. As an American, I was raised on western medicine. As I began to learn about pharmacology for the illnesses I experienced, primarily depression, I was immediately seeking anything that would help me understand the root of my pain. This seeking has led me to healer’s of many different cultures and religions. I have been’seen’ by a Tibetan physician, an ayurvedic doctor in India, I have learned from a Hindi healer and . I was blessed to experience the Muslim medicine culture and traditions. I have also sought out different “treatments”. Acupuncture. Cognitive behavioral therapy. EMDR, Energy healing, sound healing, hypnosis, Ketamine infusions, years trying a multitude of antidepressants. I have attended one of the workshops of Marianne Williamson. A modern spiritual leader, so blessed that I was able to speak to her in person. I have spent 10 days in a silent meditation retreat at one of india’s mecas for teaching Buddhism to young men and women coming in to the faith. I spent 20 minutes with the Dalai Lama in a small (6) private audience at his home in McLeodgang, India. Yanina ranks in the top 2 of those experiences. As we started to learn each other, I felt a strong ‘familiar feeling’ like that of a sister friend. A relative. We were both equally committed to the process. I for peace and healing for my grief and depression. My youngest child died in 2020. And her to deliver her craft to me as authentically as possible and with love and empathy. You will definitely not be disappointed by her knowledge of healing with many approaches seamlessly meshed into an unforgettable experience. Of course I could not leave before I spent time hovering over her collection of dried herbs, her personally made flower tinctures, her very intentional palm stones, incenses, sage, anointing oils, and her sensational and intentional jewelry collection and sculptures designed and executed with beautiful craftsmanship, herself. She is a gem in this area. If you are ever near, spend some time with this special human.”
Jennifer Stone


Healing Arts and Learning Space

Asheville, North Carolina 28806

Nature Workshops, Healing Arts, Guided Forest Experiences and Metaphysical Apothecary in Beautiful Asheville North Carolina

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